Mark Crandall, author of Eulogy of Childhood Dreams, began his career as a celebrated artist and speaker sharing his poetry with crowds in New Hampshire. His natural ability to connect with his audience through relatability and inspiration has drawn many to follow along with his journey. Mark is trained and well-versed in transformational and spiritual practices, which he has adopted as a way of living, and are instilled in his motivational and professional speaking endeavors. He is passionate about connection and accomplishes this by empowering the listener to focus in on the possibility of the present, by offering a story of hope and perspective.

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Topics of Discussion:

The Here & Now

Purpose: Connecting to the present moment by building a foundation of endless possibility.

This talk will bring forth the power of the Here & Now as the only true moment we are experiencing. Here, Mark pinpoints the self-imposed conditions of thinking and living in the past, and offers a guided solution to becoming more aware of how our present reactions will have the most positive impact on our future life.

The course begins with a meditation to explore our inward belief systems and move into our current state of being. Mark will work to transform our thought-life to distinguish how being an observer of the Here & Now can spark curiosity, compassion, and courage.

Growing a 6 Figure Business in 5 Months

Purpose: Empowering you to take risks for unseen, prosperous outcomes.

Mark spent years in a state of discontent and longing with his work until he finally tapped into the still small voice within to pursue his dreams. He did this successfully only by taking a leap of faith in the face of fear.

During this seminar, Mark emphasizes his slogan: “Failure is a word reserved by those that have quit.” Mark will teach on his process of building an unstoppable mind-state through positive affirmations and gratefulness – no matter your situation, and how this mind-state promotes focus for an abundant life.

Adoption, Childhood Trauma

Purpose: Discovering freedom from the past by rewriting your story to conquer the victim.

Mark shares his personal trauma surrounding adoption, abandonment, and physical and emotional abuse. These experiences made hiding in the victim role a safe place, where he spent most of his life operating from.

In this searching dialogue, Mark uncovers the difference between being a victim and playing a victim. He will lead the audience through his inner transformation of finding truth in each circumstance and taking responsibility for our present circumstances.

This is a life-changing event that will challenge the thought process of all individuals to create new meaning and push us into right action.

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