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TAT: Why I Started the Purpose Chasers

Do you have a dream of starting something BIG?

Do you get stopped by your own limiting beliefs? Then this was recorded for you.

I’ve never shared why I started the Purpose Chasers Podcast with the world and wanted to share why and the process that I’ve gone through.


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TAT: #1 Killer of Hopes & Dreams

Do you struggle with comparison when it comes to creating content?

  • Maybe you are thinking about launching a podcast but the number of downloads of other podcasts challenges you. Maybe you already started a business but the number of clients in other businesses frightens you. Regardless of where you are at in your journey, the number one killer of hopes and dreams is comparison.


    This week, I am sharing with you my struggle of comparison and how I am able to acknowledge my own strengths. You have a unique gift to offer to the world, so stop comparing your beginning to the middle of someone else’s story.


    Topics Discussed:

    • How comparison depletes past accomplishments

    • Why comparison is detrimental to personal growth

    • The importance of self-evaluation

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Ep. 36: Phoebe Mroczek – Unbecoming

When was the last time you truly got alone with yourself and figured out who you wanted to be in life?

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