When was the last time you sucked at something new? Maybe you have dreams of becoming a best selling author one day but you’re afraid of failing so you don’t even try. Maybe you want to sell out an arena for a public speaking event but you let your nerves take over. The truth is, when we allow our fear to overcome our purpose, we cheat ourselves out of stepping into what we were called to do. But what if we shifted the way we look at our failure as a learning curve in the right direction?


This week, I am talking with the founder of Growth Now, LLC and host of Growth Now Movement, Justin Schenck, as we dive into what it means to fully step into your purpose. Justin shares how his childhood upbringing set the stage for taking action and how he shares with others how to utilize their 1% each day. We discuss how our failures ultimately lead to our success and how to tune into our inner callings. Justin challenges us this week to suck at something new in order to gain confidence in ourselves to keep moving forward. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Why every experience is a lesson to be learned
  • How we can learn from our failures
  • Why it’s selfish when you don’t step into your purpose
  • How to step into your calling by sucking at first
  • Why you need to be working a little more towards your dream every single day
  • How to shut out the noise and start moving forward


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Embrace Your Past, Win Your Future  –
“The difference between being a victim and playing one” – Mark Crandall 


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