Did you know that a small coffee bean has the best taste because it has to withstand the most pressure? The smaller the coffee bean, the more body, and flavor it has due to the maturation process. The more struggle a small coffee bean has, the more potential it has in becoming the best tasting cup of coffee. You may be wondering how this applies to our personal struggles and how we can overcome them.

This week, I am sharing an experience I had at a local coffee shop where I discovered the importance of a small coffee bean. As opposed to a bigger coffee bean that doesn’t have to undergo a major maturation process, the smaller coffee bean has more room for growth. When it comes to our hardships, we can apply this analogy to overcome any obstacle before us to become the best version of ourselves.

Topics Discussed:

  • Understanding the benefit of hardship
  • Why small beans make the most impactful cup off coffee
  • How a simple coffee analogy changed my outlook on life
  • Why hardships and struggles strengthen our character


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