Ever left a business conference feeling inadequate or feeling like you need to be doing more because of someone else’s accomplishments? Or maybe you decided to continue your education solely because you wanted more stature and to prove yourself worthy of your cohorts. If the conferences you are attending aren’t leaving you feeling empowered or if your master’s or doctorate degree isn’t fulfilling your joy, you may be chasing someone else’s carrots. 

This week, I am sharing with you how chasing other people’s goals and dreams only leave you spiraling down a rabbit hole. For most of us, we have a specific level of success we want to achieve in our lives. We all have passions we feel called to but how often do we allow someone else’s goals and passions dictate our own future?

Topics Discussed:

  • How FOMO leads to self-destruction
  • Why you need to stop chasing other people’s carrots
  • How attending conferences can stifle your goal setting
  • What it takes to achieve a high level of self-actualization


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