Have you noticed a shift in your relationship lately? Maybe you’ve been married for 20 years but just can’t seem to rekindle what drew you together. Or maybe you are thinking about marriage but realize there is still a lot of work to be done within your relationship. 

Our guests this week, Danielle and Justin Williams, hosts of the Legendary Marriage podcast, join us as we dive into what it means to build a successful marriage. We discuss the importance of teamwork, why honest communication matters, and how to create a life together. Danielle and Justin also speak with us about the early trials in their marriage and how they have used their experiences to help other couples set the groundwork for their futures.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why honest communication is key to having a legendary marriage
  • Learning to understand your goals and pursuing a future together 
  • Why couples can benefit from coaching each other
  • How the culture and environment dictates the state of your marriage
  • Learning how to reignite the fire of the honeymoon phase

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