Matt Aitchison is a millennial real estate investor, wealth mentor, speaker and philanthropist. He Co-Founded and developed The Aitchison & Adams Real Estate Team, which sold 500+ units and over $250+ million in sales volume in just 5 years ago. A&A was ranked in the Wall Street Journal Top 1000 for real estate teams nationwide 2 years in a row. Matt also owns Vault Investment Properties; an investment group that has rehabbed and developed over 150+ properties, along with a 7 figure real estate rental portfolio.


He is passionate about building wealth through real estate and teaches around the country on various investment strategies to help other aspiring investors achieve a life of financial freedom. He is a proud board member of the 1LifeFully Lived charity and continues to serve and educate underprivileged communities in the Sacramento region and nationwide.


In this episode of the Purpose Chasers Podcast, we have a purposeful conversation with Matty Aitchison who shares his ‘Oh-Shit moment’ in life, how he got his golden ticket to a second chance of life, talking about his feeling about money, and integrity, his first exposure to entrepreneurship, his advice for individuals who are chasing big bank accounts, healthy relationships, big health goals or chasing a big life, how did he come up with the Rich Life brand, what Rich Life Academy is all about, his own definition of rich life, and gives advice on how and where to start your journey towards rich life.


Ever since, Matty wanted to be in an industry that allows him to be his own boss, have his own freedom, and have his own destiny.  He wanted to be in a space that has unlimited earning potential and really allowed him to create wealth in everything, not just paycheck.

Matty believed that the more money he could make the more he could provide the lifestyle, opportunities, and security for his family. Likewise, the more money he could give to create opportunities and impact for other people on a daily basis.


In addition to that, Matty confirms the idea of ‘your obsessions become your possessions’ is true. He is obsessed with identifying the most important highest impact things that move the needle forward in the life that he’s looking to live and by doing those things he attracts everything now.


“Be here now… be super present in your presence.”-Matty Aitchison

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