Fernando Flores is an attorney and high-performance coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area who founded iMATER NOW to help fellow attorneys live happier healthier lifestyles. He also provides resources and information on the topic of attorney happiness and health through his Attorney Heart Podcast. Apart from being an attorney, Fernando is a High-Performance Coach for Attorneys and Law Firms and a speaker at law schools.

Prior to becoming a coach, Fernando spent 10 years as a trial and appellate attorney. Fernando graduated from UC Berkeley with Sociology and Rhetoric degrees and then studied at UC Davis Law School where he obtained his J.D.

In this episode of the Purpose Chasers Podcast, we have Fernando Flores, who shares a synopsis of how he came to what he’s right now, how did he make the hardest decision in his life and pursuing his passion for helping other people, his Attorney Heart Podcast, the IMaterNow conference, workshops, live events that provide massive impact to other attorneys and professionals.  

Fernando was taught that men shouldn’t cry, feel, and so he never learned to process emotions. These teachings created lots of tension, and almost cost him his marriage. He realized that he had only been focusing on his attorney identity and did not nurture the emotional component of himself. Fernando decided to dive into transformational work. Fernando started to put himself first. To him, learning the ability to manage your stress, nervousness and anxiety will take you to higher levels of performance. Because when you gain awareness of your emotions, you will start to develop the emotional language that will help you better manage those emotions.


“Learn how to genuinely care for yourself.” -Fernando Flores


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