This episode of the Purpose Chasers Podcast is the definition of co-exist. Mark and his guest George Peterson discuss all things spiritual. Georges story of purpose chasing is miraculous and not to be missed! Struggle with religion? Love religion? Either way, you go this episode is for you. George teaches an ancient Vedic meditation technique known as Primordial Sound Meditation, as well as Vinyasa Yoga and Ayurveda. He is also passionate about his work in addiction recovery and is the co-founder of Nourish: a company that hosts 3-hour Pop-ups and provides a space for people to feed their minds, bodies, and souls.

Before George began meditating, he was regularly making unhealthy decisions for his well-being.  After being introduced to the transformative practices of yoga and meditation, George went on to graduate from Down Under Yoga’s 300hr YTT and to study meditation with the likes of Deepak Chopra and Emily Fletcher.  Today, following years of daily meditation and Vedic studies, he has guided thousands of people to begin and grow their yoga and meditation practices.  

Through his deep dedication to recovery and well-being, George aims to touch the lives of many by providing them with a simple roadmap to help awaken, heal, and transform their lives.

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