The Purpose Chasers Podcast started the end of February 2018. My vision for this podcast was to have conversations with individuals living a transformed life, and also provide my own personal insights into the life of transformation which started for me in 2007. I define a life of transformation as someone that is striving to continue to deepen their consciousness. Go deeper and deeper into their lives and live life from an urgency that tomorrow is not promised. All of the guests that I have had on thus far live a life of transformation. They are taking actions on a daily basis to become more complete humans and are on a mission to transform the world.

The Mission of the Purpose Chasers Podcast:

The Purpose Chasers Podcast will continue to go against the grain of average living and allow listeners to question their decisions and empower them to live from a deeper sense of purpose and contribution. As I the podcast grows it is taking on more and more meaning. Having lived a life longing for tomorrow for 20+ years, it is inspiring and reassuring to have conversations with others that are on a similar path.

My challenge to you and the main reason why I started this project was to touch, move, and Inspire individuals to WAKE UP! Get fully in touch with the fact that you only get one shot at life. I can’t speak for you but I know I don’t to be numb with regret when mine is coming to an end.

One more challenge while I’m at it is to live ALL out. Walk through fear, and become a Purpose Chaser. Nothing is out of reach. No dream is too big. If you looking for some more insights download your FREE copy of my Creating and Unstoppable Mindset eBook. It will provide more perspective on how I became a Purpose Chaser.