Everyone has dreams and aspirations of being wealthy, of going to the next level professionally. Many are stopped dead in their tracks by fear. The fear of losing what you have and the fear of not getting what you want. When these fears creep into the mind all sorts of thought threads can take hold in one’s mind. Or the one that I have experienced often is the thought what others will think of me if I do become financially successful.

Why can’t you just be happy with what you have?

Well, there is a difference between being happy with what I have and striving for more out of life. In the Realm of the Spirit, it is not realistic to think that God/The Universe is going to drop down from the Heavens and drop a sack of money on your lap.

The spiritual aspect is all about how you obtain your riches. If you do this while practicing spiritual principles and by honoring the principles that hold meaning in your life what is there to question. Does God not want others to have riches? Does God not want me to leave something to my Children when I pass? Could I not help God’s kids if I were wealthy? I am not one that believes that by entering the world of the Spirit I give up all of my worldly belongings and eat tree bark and dirt for the rest of eternity.