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Eulogy of
Childhood Memories

A must-read for anyone who has given up.

Eulogy of Childhood Memories is Mark Crandall’s transformation and the outlined process of how he overcame childhood trauma, institutionalization, drug addiction, and his own mind.

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Mark Crandall began his personal journey of introspection in 2004. At age 3, Mark was taken from his biological mother by the Department of Youth and Families and placed in the foster care system. The cards of life were stacked against him; around age 12 he began contemplating whether or not to just give up. He began to engage in criminal activity and act out his aggression at the expense of others, and society. Years of counseling and various combinations of medications could not correct his feelings of inadequacy. Mark began to self medicate and thus began his substance abuse. It was a long painful road for Mark and those that surrounded him. Mark was in and out of youth detention centers and other correctional facilities. But, even in his lowest moments Mark found himself surrounded by individuals who saw greatness in him.

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